Ant: slow, focused, methodical work

April 26, 2016 ~ Tuesday

7:28a I pushed a bit for yesterday, having two glasses of wine at the winery – one after 5p and a second with dinner around 8p. I had three glasses at home, one each of a ’13 Cab and ’07 Cab, then a refill. Five drinks is more that three. I want to keep it at three or below right now. I want to keep it at three or below.

I keep refusing to feel fear in the face of all that is going on. I am closing my mind like a steel trap against all negative thoughts. I keep repeating to myself – NO FEAR, I am full of FAITH – and I keep hearing, “You will have all the resources you need”, as I always have.

And I keep seeing the ant, representing the slow, focused, methodical work toward completion of goals, success through cooperative effort.

We are oh-so-close to the 500 mark for the Club! The whole team is giving their best, and we WILL make goal! I want this to serve as a bright example of what we can accomplish when we are focused, determined, and unwilling to settle for less than what we are aiming for. This is only the beginning of what we can accomplish together.

We are beginning to outline the sales process together too, starting with the welcome. I will create a script on the Drive that will allow the team easy access to follow along. We will step our way through the process, each step building on the previous, and with practice, we will get there.

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