Lion has come into my life

June 25, 2016 ~ Saturday

2:56a This is what I believe – Lion has come into my life with great power and authority. The old is passing away. Behold, all things are made new. Lion represents the rise of the feminine, the power of attraction, the unlocking of mental prowess, fearlessness, unusual strength and stamina, speaking one’s truth.

This is what I am learning – The divine lives in me and through me. The desires of my heart are the desires of the divine seeking expression through me. I need only to form a clear mental picture of what I want and receive it into my life with thanksgiving.

This is what I desire – Ownership of Patit Creek Cellars in a healthy state, having been structured in such a way that we meet our obligations, provide for our families, and support our community. I want conviviality – to share good wine, cheese and meals with good people. I want a home and a schedule that provides both stability and variety.

I need more clarity!

I want to be married to Edward on August 16, 2017 at Belle Gardens with one hundred of our closest friends, and I want to pay cash for it. I want a popcorn bar and a signature dessert, a beautiful gown and a one-of-a-kind ring. I want to stop loving what hurts me.

I want to honeymoon in Ireland, hike and explore the countryside.

I want a mani-pedi every month, someone to wax my legs, shape my brows and style my hair – and clean my house.

I want to eat luxurious foods and wear fine clothes and be surrounded by beautiful art.

I want to work up dream boards for the things I want most, that I may develop a clear mental picture of the things I desire.

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