A community of never not broken

July 9, 2016 ~ Saturday

6:58a I am sleeping better and better, and I am dreaming. I feel rested and happy in the morning, ready to welcome a new day of fun and exciting possibilities. I appreciate the ability to reframe my thinking and the faith – the absolute faith – that my dreams are being made real and are speedily coming toward me.

I am learning to delegate and follow up. This is the most important lesson of this season. I simply cannot do it all. I don’t have to nor should I. Ant is Community, and we are a team of committed people. It is good that I share the joys and challenges of our company with our team!

I am taking time to rest as I need and asking for help when I need it too. People are quick to rally to my aid as I have served others as well. People don’t want to disappoint me; they don’t want to let me down.

Problems are resolving themselves as I continue to do all that can be done each day, efficiently, with faith and purpose. I believe, I feel, and I know that we will have all the resources we need.

No matter how perfect I try to be, I am never not broken, nor can I please everyone, but I can be pleasing to everyone. Thank you, God for bringing me to life and right relationship!!! ❤

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