Wedding planning

July 28, 2016 ~ Thursday

7:16a I am defeating the beast. I am learning its tricks and charms, and I recognize more and more of all it steals from me. It will say and do anything to get what it wants. And it is never enough. It is never satisfied. But it is not my master.

Edward is back, and that makes life easier and better all around. We have been doing some wedding planning, and that has been fun. We met with a caterer to talk about our foodie ideas and started putting together a guest list.

I am stringing together more and more functional days, and I am getting good things accomplished. It never quite feels like enough, and I am learning to live with that. The more I focus on my dreams, the more driven I become. I want to know that I have done all that I could do each day, with faith and purpose.

I am definitely in transition. There is part of me holding back and holding on to old thoughts and patterns. There is part of me emerging, blossoming, and walking confidently forward. Lion is my constant guide and companion.

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