The last crossroads

July 31, 2016 ~ Sunday

6a I feel the need to cultivate meaningful relationships. Who will come to my funeral? What would they say about me? What are the most important themes in my life?

So I seriously want to see what it would be like to go thirty days with no mood-altering substances. No alcohol, no weed, as I don’t want to just replace one addiction with another. I am excited and nervous at the thought. I have been at this crossroads so many times, deciding to take a stand and change my drinking habit; only to fail again and again. October was supposed to be abstinence month. Then January. Then April. What will make this time different?

I have tea. Tea in the evening really does help. I want to record these thirty days, honestly. The good, the bad and the beautiful. Thirty days.

The Gift of Hospitality – This is the hallmark of Patit Creek Wine & Cheese. Our operations and events are focused on hospitality, making our guests feel comfortable and important. How can I learn to be a good hostess?, to create a sparkling environment that is imbued with the genuine delights of hospitality? And is this indeed my service to the world? The world sure needs it.

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