Rise of the feminine

August 4, 2016 ~ Thursday

7:43a I had a dream last night. I only vaguely remember details. I was going to school as an imposter. We were lining up for the bus, and everyone had their name taped to their shoe. As I applied my tape, I noticed it was not my name, and I became worried. Could I get away with going with someone else’s name? Then I read the name and realized it was a boy’s name! Surely I would be found out! I tried to arrange the tape so that it would show I had it, but it would conceal the actual name. I knew if anyone read the name I would be discovered and asked to leave – or maybe worse – as I was clearly not a boy but a girl.

I wonder if perhaps this dream has a message for me? Am I approaching this new learning phase with only male energy? Am I learning (or desiring to learn) with the intent to act dynamically on this knowledge in order to control my environment and make things happen? Is the message purely informational, or is it suggesting a change?

If I am a girl, a woman, and Lion represents the rise of the feminine, I must adjust my approach to this learning to be feminine. I will need a great deal of guidance and support, as this is foreign territory to me. I cannot recall a time in my life where I understood and applied feminine energy to achieve my goals. Is the achievement of goals even feminine itself?

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