My favorite day of the month

August 5, 2016 ~ First Friday

7a-ish It’s First Friday! My favorite day of the month! And I get to get out today and explore! I have a new curator who is new to the area, and I am curious about her and her role in my life. I get to wander around the city, meeting people, taking in the arts, and my tasting room is fully covered and well-managed by my future husband and our team. I am blessed and highly favored!

I have four days of abstinence under my belt, and I feel AMAZING. It’s so easy, and I love being sober. My interactions with Edward are full of love and passion and admiration. I am so very, deeply grateful.

1- I am grateful for First Friday because I actually get to meet and develop relationships with wonderful people and to fill my home with personally meaningful works of art created by these beautiful people.
2- I am blessed to have Edward in my life and to be engaged to him, as he genuinely adores and respects me, makes me smile, and brings balance to my life.
3- I am grateful for Pop and his example of thinking always on the positive and how this faith ensures the perpetuation of the company. He never lets me down.
4- I am blessed to have Justice, my trusty side-kick who protects me and loves me and radiates cuteness. 🙂
5- I am so very grateful to have Mom living and working with me, as she helps me and supports me in all I endeavor to dream and do – and she makes my house a home.
6- I am deeply grateful for a gifted mind that enjoys intellectual pursuits and meaningful conversations.
7- I am blessed to eat luxurious foods because they are healthy, taste amazing and make me feel wealthy.
8- I am grateful that God has taught me that I will have all the resources I need, as it allows me to relax and enjoy life, knowing all good things will come in due time.
9- I am grateful for tea, which gives me a healthy, tasty alternative to alcohol in beautiful mugs of wonder.
10- I am blessed to be able to travel, to see my family on special occasions and enjoy new places of adventure

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

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