Words of blessing

August 6, 2016 ~ Saturday

7:15a 1- I am grateful for Steve Scroggins as he always speaks words of blessing over my life and dreams.
2- I am grateful that Edward is taking more of a leadership role in the company as it allows me to move into the roles that best suit me.
3- I am grateful for the team that is being built in Spokane as it allows us to share the responsibilities and blessings and enables me to work without exhaustion.
4- I am so very grateful for the coffee/tea mug I found and acquired yesterday as it will be a continual reminder of my worth and will help me to further establish my wealth consciousness.
5- I am grateful for Michelle, my new curator, as she will help me stay accountable for my projects in the art community.
6- I am grateful for the beautiful laptop case I am carrying as it displays me as a woman executive who is both classy and powerful.
7- I am grateful for my lean body as its strength will carry me to a beautiful view to collect my magic rock.
8- I am grateful for the means to have my nails look beautiful as they make me feel beautiful and feminine.
9- I am grateful to live in a place that is comfortable and functional, easy to keep up and close to nature.
10- I am grateful to have cute shoes that connect me to the earth yet make me feel like I could fly.

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