To will and to do

August 7, 2016 ~ Sunday

7:13a 1- I am grateful for me leopard print fuzzy pajamas because they are soft and comfortable and make me feel good.
2- I am blessed by the cute and funky bracelet I purchased as it nourishes me and supported a local artist.
3- I am grateful for my curvy, athletic body that Edward loves to look at and can’t keep his hands off.
4- I am grateful that my father denied me support after my youth as it caused me to become independent and resourceful, qualities that have served me well.
5- I am blessed by the breeze that rustles my hair and graces my cheek, bringing alive the me the presence of God.
6- I am grateful for the little messages and reminders that my dreams are inevitable and will indeed be mine.
7- I am grateful for my cooperative spirit and the blessing of community that brings us all together.
8- I am grateful to have found yoga as a peaceful, beautiful source of health, grounding and balance.
9- I am grateful for flights of fancy that remind me that life is joyful and not to take things so seriously.
10- I am grateful to have had the opportunity to design the space in Spokane, as I learned a tone and it really does feel like my very own.

Thank you, god for all that you are, all that you do, all that you show me, all that you develop within me, all that connects us. Thank you that you work in one to will and to do, according to your good pleasure. ❤

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