Carried away

August 11, 2016 ~ Thursday

7:31a I drank last night. I was feeling so wonderful and serene, and I thought a glass of wine would be the perfect compliment. It started out nice enough. I sipped for an hour then waited a half-hour before having a second. I sipped on that one for an our as well, then Edward and I shared the last glass. I also hit the bowl and was feeling just marvelous.

Then I hit a tipping point, and the indulgence went too far. We shared what was left of the Riesling, another glass and a half, and I hit the bowl a few more times. I got the munchies and snacked on plums and popcorn, like a pig. I lost that sense of wonder and wonderfulness. I went too far.

This is a good reminder of why I am cleansing this month. I didn’t feel like drinking last night. I just wanted a couple of glasses of wine. And I got carried away. I do not hate myself this morning, though. I am not full of anger and remorse. I just want to get back on track and feel good again. I am craving that delightful sobriety, with my clear head and open, loving heart. I choose a sober lifestyle. I have truly enjoyed the freedom I have felt over the last week, and the peace. I want this more than I want wine. I was surprised that it didn’t even taste as good as what I remembered. I am happy to choose sobriety, and I am grateful to have found this place.

1- I am grateful for the deep inner knowledge that I can stay sober – and that I want to! because I enjoy multiple layers of health apart from alcohol.
2- I am grateful for a body that knows how to heal itself, as I am fortunate to overcome all malady.
3- I am grateful for the quantum shift that is happening in my life, as I feel that all my dreams are coming to to me, and I am returning to a sense of purpose.
4- I am grateful for the many beautiful hikes around Spokane, as I love communing with nature.
5- I am grateful for my slippers that keep my feet warm and dry when I walk Justice.
6- I am grateful for my vehicle that facilitates my work and takes me on many adventures.
7- I am grateful that the cheese classes are becoming so popular, as they help the company and give me fun projects to undertake and people to do it with.
8- I am grateful for the rest and recreation I was able to enjoy this weekend, as it prepared me for the next couple of weeks of work.
9- I am grateful for the understanding that I need not work really hard, only align myself with God and allow His power to flow, creating and bringing to me all good things.
10- I am grateful to be spending the next week with Mom and to have her help with the cheese parties.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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