Curiosity and creativity

August 12, 2016 ~ Friday

7:20a 1- I am grateful for the beauty on the drive from Spokane to Woodinville, as it occupies my mind with spectacular images.
2- I am grateful to have Mom’s company and help on this trip, as I no longer feel in this alone.
3- I am grateful to be surrounded by people like Christina and Neil, who care about what they do and to it in an exemplary fashion. It looks great here! I love the pallet wood divider and painted bathroom.
4- I am grateful for the safety of my loved ones.
5- I am grateful to be supplied with curiosity and creativity as to produce enjoyable cheese classes.
6- I am grateful that God is showing me the Way to honor these we have conducted business with, that we may give more life to all.
7- I am grateful for the inspiration that comes from the right music ant the right time, which moves my soul in unfathomable ways.
8- I am grateful for my dream life and the insight and messages I receive while dreaming.
9- I am grateful for Teri, my nail tech, who cares about the health of my nails as much as the beauty of what she does with them (and me :).
10- I am grateful for pen and paper to write and actual books to read, providing a tactile experience along with the intellectual one.

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