Unlocked a portal

August 21, 2016 ~ Sunday

1:20p I think I have until the end of the month to rest, restore, draw closure, and prepare for the next season of my life. I will need to come up with practical plans for making my vision a reality.

But that moment is not now. I have respite from the woods, a couple of days in Spokane, maybe a couple of days in Woodinville, then I will go back out and seek more clarity and guidance and direction.

I know I am a changed person. I am not living only from my head now. I am also living from my heart and from my gut. It all feels very surreal.

I feel as though I have actually unlocked a portal to a new realm, with a different language and quality of vision. It was right here all along. It exists right here, alongside this world. But there is so much meaning here, so much that I missed before. Is this really real? How do I know?

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