The Universe is friendly to me: my second solo camp

August 26, 2016 ~ Friday

The Universe, Infinite Love & Intelligence, continues to bless me. I am reminded today that I did not have to work hard, plan and organize my life to experience the highly symbolic nature of my first outing. The full moon shining so brightly into my tent that last night, me being in my own “moon” phase (my period), and coming home to see that painting I did so many months ago. The Universe is friendly to me and my plans, and I am delighted by the surprises that are orchestrated on my behalf.

And this, my second trip out, is no exception. I decided to camp near Mount Rainier, pitching my tent at Sahara Creek Horse Camp. The place literally smells like horses, and there are many of those majestic beauties here. I get to see them and hear them, what has been my spirit animal since my youth.

I picked up a couple of trail guides also for hiking the Mount Rainier National Park. When I arrived this morning, I was waived through by an adorable young lady in pigtails and her ranger hat.

“No charge today!” She smiles as she hands me a map and a newspaper. “Enjoy your visit.”

That act saved me $25 and affirmed that, once again, I am in the right place at the right time. And what was the occasion for this marvelous act of hospitality? Oh just celebrating the 100th birthday of the National Parks Service! I am here for the Centennial Celebration, which recognizes the official act of congress that created the NPS, The Organic Act on August 25, 1916. I had no idea.

In all of my research in preparation for this outing, I never stumbled upon this information. I could have ended up in any park in the western side of the state, and I am sure I would have had a wonderful time. But to be here at this exact moment in time is truly divine.

It is not hard to be overwhelmed by gratitude at this intimate gesture from God. How high and how wide and how deep is the love of my God?!

I fully expected to see a deer on the trail today. I did not. But I did see a squirrel and perhaps a chipmunk – he had the markings of a chipmunk but a bushy-esq tail. Super cute, either way.

The day was full of wonder and awe, and it’s only halfway over! And the Centennial Celebration continues through the weekend.

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