Slow and methodical: my second solo camp

August 27, 2016 ~ Saturday

2:30p I am learning how to communicate with the guide that is in me, who speaks in symbols but sometimes plainly. It would be a moot point to describe in detail all that led to what she taught me last night, as it is too intimate for words.

What I want to record is that she used a caterpillar to get my attention, then had me take my acrylics off. It was an arduous process which could have been quite painful. But I understood “slow and methodical” from caterpillar, and this is what I mantra’d to myself as I worked.

I heard other lessons following “slow and methodical” – “protect your tools, protect your person” , “observe what is happening and adapt your strategy” , “we can come at this from many different angles”.

I remembered this as I climbed the hike up Rampart Ridge today. It was a fairly steep climb for more than a mile and a half. I just kept mantra’ing “slow and methodical” , “slow and methodical”. I complained. I don’t want to go slow and methodical. I want to know my purpose NOW. I don’t want to always be an aimless wanderer. I want to do good work.

Then two things happened – a grasshopper flew across my path, the first I had seen on any trail this weekend. A grasshopper is fearless, for she takes a leap of faith when she flies, not knowing where she will land. Then I saw a cairn, which marks the way on a difficult path.

I heard – I can take this leap of faith, not knowing its purpose, not knowing where I will land, and I will be guided on the right path, even though I don’t know where I am going. I will have all the resources I need, at the moment I need them, including affirmation that I am being well-guided. Just move slow and methodical, protect your tools and protect your person.

As I finish writing this sentence, the sun breaks through the clouds, ever so briefly, lights, illumes the picnic table where I am working, and gently, graciously warms my face.

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