I see a dozen mountain ranges, and they call to me

August 29, 2016 ~ Monday

7:45a Creature comforts so easily lull me. Good wine, rich food, evening light, a warm bed – and I slept until 7a. I know I needed the sleep. I know it is important to rest and restore myself between outings. And I also recognize how easy it is to fall back into familiar habits. That is why I need this time going out, be it the next year or the next few months only. (I will know when I am done, when that moment comes.)

I am sitting downstairs in the easy chair in the Woodinville tasting room, giving thanks for all of these creature comforts, especially the coffee. Oh how I love that robust warmth with just a hint of honey undercurrent.

But I miss nature. I miss her sounds. I miss her smells. I miss how she rouses me early to enjoy her bounty. Like a child, jumping on my bed, impatient to delight in the day ahead – Wake up! Wake up! There is so much to see and do and be! Why are you still in bed?!!

I could take my journal and my book out that front door, but today I will not. I have been out since Thursday, and my feet still wear the mountain I have walked on. I pledge to deeply enjoy every environment I am invited into and give thanks for its gifts. Today that is this sweet little tasting room in Woodinville.

Before me hangs a wall-sized map of the Pacific Northwest. I see at least a dozen mountain ranges, and they call to me, like students in the classroom, hands raised high because they know the answer. I could choose any one of them. I could choose all of them. What a tragedy it would be to depart this area having not done so. How could I allow it? How have I lived here four years now, and I haven’t sought the wisdom and glory of each and every one of them?

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