Learning the symbolic language of energy

August 30, 2016 ~ Tuesday

8a I am reading Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. It was a gift from the Universe. When I was returning from Sahara Creek, my timing had me arriving at 5p. I did not want to arrive at 5p. The tasting room doesn’t close until 6p, and I didn’t want to squirrel myself away for an hour upstairs. But I was also very weary from my journey, and the thought of spending another hour “out on the road” was equally unappealing.

The Universe was so gentle in her prompting. I heard, “Well, if you did want to spend an hour somewhere in Woodinville, where would you go?” I immediately thought I would go to Value Village and browse the books.

“So then go to Value Village and browse the books.”

But I was weary, and I didn’t want to go. But I also didn’t want to head into the tasting room. I was in a quandary.

“Go ahead to Value Village and browse the books. I have a surprise for you.”

That perked me up. What kind of surprise?

“Just go and you will see.”

What I found was the very book I was getting ready to order on Amazon – Sacred Contracts as well as her previous book, Anatomy of the Spirit (as well as a book by Thomas Moore, who I love to read). I could hardly believe it. What a surprise! What a gift! I gave thanks and smiled.

From this morning’s reading:

“Learning the symbolic language of energy means learning to evaluate the dynamics of power in yourself and others… You need to become conscious of what gives you power. Healing from any illness is facilitated by identifying your power symbols and your symbolic and physical relationship to those symbols, and heeding any messages your body and intuitions are sending you about them.”

4p When people speak their own personal language, it’s a beautiful thing. There is a lilt to the voice, a sparkle in the eye. The observer gets caught up in the magic. That is the power of charisma in authenticity.

I have been speaking a contrived language, and I have been perfecting it for years. Analysing my surroundings, deciding the best strategy to compliment and be of service and make a contribution, then adapting my “mode of being” to fit and forward and accelerate the desired ends. All in an effort to please and be at peace. (But there was no peace in me. My soul raged for adventure, and I was always a little “out there”.)

Back to language. I am seeking my own voice – one that is authentically me. I am letting go of any agendas and plans and giving myself the space to become. I have no idea who that will be. But I believe her voice will have lilt. and perhaps maybe she will no longer be misunderstood.

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