The romantic role of my victim archetype

August 31, 2016 ~ Wednesday

7a I was shown last night how the archetype of the victim plays out its role in my life. In learning about energy language from Anatomy of the Spirit, and specifically power objects and acquisitioners, I can see plainly how the power plays work in my relationships.

My closest relationships involve an acquisitioner attaching themselves to me as a power object. Like a vampire, they suck energy from me in order to feel powerful. Not only do I allow this, but I attract it, as I am enamoured with the archetype of the vampire’s feeding victim. I have always been drawn to the vampire myth and specifically to the role of the beautiful, innocent victim which gives her neck to feed her vampire.

In some sadistic way, this makes me feel powerful, to be supplying the life blood to the object of my affection. As long as I continue to romanticize the role of the victim, I will continue to attract vampires into my life.

I am grateful for the revelation from the Universe. I accept this assessment as truth. Now, what do I do with this truth? I no longer want to allow my energy to feed my vampires. I no longer want to play the victim. I want to reclaim my personal power.

I was also shown that wine is a power object for me. It represents glamour, mystique and the finer things in life. When I drink wine, I draw power – or a sense of empowerment – from this association. I use this symbol of power as a crutch when I feel weak – and as an amp when I feel strong and happy and want to reinforce those positive feelings.

Wine is also a power object for Edward, and this is why he keeps pouring it for me. He wants me to have the finer things in life, things he cannot currently supply. But wine he can, so pouring wine for me gives him a sense of empowerment as a provider. He feeds my need and his own simultaneously, and we are both hooked.

But now I am awake. Wine does not empower me. It depletes me.

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