It is easier to change my environment than it is to change myself

September 1, 2016 ~ Thursday

5p I made it back to Value Village today. It was cathartic. I had a donation to make, and a few things I was looking for, so I wanted to make optimum use of the opportunity – not overly conservative, but also don’t blow the bank – be balanced.

I made a few key purchases that will instantly change the way my spirit interacts with my environment on a daily basis. Most notable would be the new handbag. It’s more rustic, durable, with an outdoor, desert palate. My current belt is showing early warning symptoms of daily wear, so I went hunting belt. I found two super cute ones, similar in style to the black one I wear nearly every day, but one is pink and one is blue, sturdy but feminine.

I also found two super cute hats – one for all seasons and one fuzzy one for the winter. I needed another set of hiking and general outdoor pants, I found a great set of brown cords and a set of animal prints that look crazy sexy on me. Edward is going to flip when he sees me in them. 😉

Most importantly, I went hunting turquoise, focused on balancing my throat chakra. I found a choker with a similar stone that has a real Native American feel to it. As a bonus, I found a second choker, this one with a metal rose with earthy bling.

These items will help me transition into the next season of my life.

I am reminded of something I read online – It is easier to change my environment than it is to change myself. I am committing to this change, and these small acts will help me step into a new mode of being in the world.

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