Containing the void

September 2, 2016 ~ Friday

5p I have been reviewing an old notebook of research I collected years ago in my pursuit to understand femininity. I came across an excerpt from Thomas Moore that seems perfectly suited for this time:

“Soulful emptiness is not anxious. In fact, power pours in when we sustain the feeling of emptiness and withstand temptations to fill it prematurely. We have to contain the void. Too often we lose this pregnant emptiness by reaching for substitutions for power. A tolerance of weakness is a prerequisite for the discovery of power. The soul has no room in which to present itself if we continually fill in all the gaps with bogus activities.”

I am anxious to make a plan and move into it, but I know this is not the right move. Instead, I need to give myself silence and space and not rush – I need to contain the void.

“It takes self-possession and courage to be the container of developments rather than the actor. In this way, eros does its traditional work without interference, creating new life and planting the seeds of pleasure.”

“Imagine growing by becoming less certain and less informed, getting in touch with your ignorance and foolishness rather than your intelligence, and learning to allow sensation to dim rationality. Imagine personal growth as a matter of becoming more humorous and earthy, and emotional health as being in touch with the body and given to pleasure.”

7:30p The habit of the habit is more important than the habit itself. That is how he gets you – it gets you – the beast. It doesn’t matter if this time is two drinks or ten, as long as it can keep you in the habit of the habit it can continue exerting influence. It can continue to weave hypnotic rhythm. At the same time, you are deceived into believing you have accomplished something, having only had two drinks instead of ten. And you get sucked down deeper.

But every choice is a creation. You are both the artist and the masterpiece.

9p Some of my most rewarding adventures have begun with the announcement, “Hey! I have a hair-brained idea…” They have also been some of our most profitable ideas.

“All power, whether from lottery winnings or spiritual visions, will draw to you some outside opponent who will try to buy, use or contaminate you.” ~Sacred Contracts

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