What confronting your shadow requires

September 3, 2016 ~ Saturday

10a From Sacred Contracts:

“Confronting your shadow requires that you strike out on your own. This isn’t to say that you can’t receive help from friends, therapists and wise counselors, but you will have to make choices that exclude the collective needs of your family, tribe or group, and separate yourself from them. If you decide to follow an inner call and its unavoidable psychic ritual of separation, you will have to withdraw your spirit from the magnetic field created by the collective power of your group’s will, so that you can organize your own energy, much as a mystic or seer might withdraw to hear divine promptings – like Jesus going out into the desert.”

“This process of birthing your own power requires that you put yourself first, even though this may appear to the outside world to be ‘selfish’.”

“During your separation, you will have to face the most narcissistic aspects of your ego, such as the shadow child, who is concerned only with its own well-being and will try to scare you back into the fold. Your shadow victim, meanwhile, revels in its victimhood and will entice you to feel sorry for yourself for ever leaving. The shadow prostitute will urge you to sell out your integrity and your vision of true independence at the first opportunity. And the shadow saboteur will play to your suspicions that you just aren’t good enough to accomplish anything on your own.”

“You will have to strengthen your soul identity until it is strong enough to eclipse all these fears. You are birthing your power of individual choice, increasing your potential for insight and for opportunities serving your highest potential. In dealing with the shadows, you ready yourself to accept full responsibility for the management of your spirit and the consequences of your choices.”

This is a rite of passage I am embarking on. I am sloughing off the old and being transformed. I surrender to this sacred divine process with deep gratitude and faith.

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