Re-view, re-boot, re-bound: my third solo camp

September 6, 2016 ~ Tuesday

7a I woke with a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I thought I had not prepared enough for my journey to Yellowstone today. It was only 3:30a, and so I tried to put the nonsense out of my mind, to get a little more sleep before the nine hour drive. But I could not overcome the feeling, and I reasoned that I could use the extra time to research the Grand Tetons, and that packing the car would be less of a rush as well.

It was the NPS [National Parks Service] Teton site that informed me of the camp closure at Grassy Lake due to fire, and that the area was on eval alert. Turns out there are active fires in both the Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks. I attempted to re-plan my camp site and approach from another direction, but fires prevented any ideal situation from taking shape.

So at 4a I was back to the drawing board. I AM camping this week, but where should I go now? My first considerations attempted to rival Mount Rainier in majesty and strenuous effort. I looked at Olympia and the Cascades. I thought perhaps I could squeeze in a visit to Edward before he goes back to VA.

Instead, I chose a site near Sandpointe, right on Lake Pend Orielle. The weather forecast is favorable, and I should be able to score a waterfront site as it is mid-week and after labor day. There is plenty of hiking around Coeur d’Alene National Forest too.

Surprisingly, I am not disappointed that my plans for Yellowstone were thwarted, and I am very grateful to have been made aware of the fire situation before I drove all day to get there.

What matters most on this trip is the solitude and the resolution regarding alcohol. This is the critical junction for my next spiritual season. I need to spend this time alone, to strengthen my spirit and my soul, reflect deeply on my sources of power, and hopefully receive inspiration for my next steps. And I need to stop drinking. Period. Whatever it takes. I feel there are grave consequences if I don’t heed this warning.

I feel happy to know that there is lake access at this campsite. I feel reflective, and this feels like the more perfect fit for my mood. I have tried to determine if campfires are permitted, but this is unclear. Sure would be nice if they were. I am also excited about spending a week or more at this site. I need the extra time to myself.

How to make the most of Mercury Retrograde: “Take part in the re-s, like re-fresh, re-vive, re-view, re-boot, re-bound, re-call, re-concile, re-focus, etc. We are encouraged to tie up loose ends. Mercury Retrograde also favors re-writing, revising and editing, re-working your personal mission statement, your bio, etc. Read old journals for reflection and revelation. Work to do what has been left undone.

5p I finally made it to Whiskey Rock Bay. I had to wind my way through a narrow, rocky mountain road to get here. GPS tried to take me through a dangerous washout, but fortunately I was warned and able to get turned around. Signal was lost after that, and I had to pay close attention and persevere for more than two hours to get here. I almost gave up. I’m so glad I didn’t.

What did I learn? I was not adequately prepared. I should have done more research on the area, and I should have had a physical map. I need to know that I can’t always rely on technology to save the day.

It was cool, overcast and still damp when I arrived. It had been sprinkling most of my trek in, and the forecast calls for rain tonight (40%), so I decided to just sleep in the car tonight and set up the tent tomorrow. I re-packed the car to make room for me to stretch out across the back in my sleeping bag.

I have already started a fire, as it is rather chilly. I was gifted a very nice pile of firewood with this camp! Plenty of large logs and plenty of kindling. What I am in need of are the medium sticks to really get it stoked and burning, so I am having to tend it very often. Not a bad trade-off for such a wonderful gift.

I forgot the dog food for Justice! And this time out, there is no little town ten minutes away to resupply me. Good thing I grabbed that package of salami. She thought it was a real treat! lol It will do.

8p I am “camped” in the back of my car at Whiskey Rock Bay, and it’s only eight o’clock. I never did get the fire raging, so the chill got to me quickly. I added layers, but it was finally my feet that made me cry uncle – even though I had two pairs of socks on with my cowboy boots, which are lined. I am such a wimp when it comes to the cold. I am actually grateful to be sleeping in my bag in the car tonight.

It actually feels pretty cool to be camping in the car. I am using my battery-powered 10-day lantern for the first time, and I have Edward’s sleeping bag rolled up behind me like a back prop. Justice is curled up and comfortable. My nose is cold, but otherwise I am comfortable too.

The sun sets over the lake here. I hope the sky clears enough for me to be able to enjoy it some nights while I am here.

Things have to change. I have to change my life. To walk through this season, this crazy opportunity, and not be transformed would be akin to the unpardonable sin. Oh how I want to taste the change! I have to simply want it more than I want alcohol. I know that I cannot have both. There is no more fooling myself. I cannot accept and put on this new life unless and until I have discarded the old one. And time is a-wasting.

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