A game you cannot lose: my third solo camp

September 10, 2016 ~ Saturday

6a I decided to keep my gloves on whilst writing this morning, lol. I also have the picnic blanket wrapped around my shoulders. Believe it or not, it helps! I still have a chill, but not near the morning cold I have struggled with all week.

What would you do if you played a game you knew you could not lose? I believe a dream I had last night taught me just that.

Only it was a movie, and I was one of the action heroes. As the opening scene played out, I recognized the movie. It was a great movie! Lots of action, lots of plot twists, and some close calls. But I knew the ending, and it was a superb one. Of course, the good guys win, and gloriously at that.

I was just tickled to take the driver’s seat in scene two. I twisted the wheel back and forth, almost delirious with anticipation. This was going to be amazing!! As my co-stars loaded into the car I asked, “So everyone has seen this, right?”

On waking and remembering such a strange dream, I inquired as to its meaning.

It is life. I have a sacred contract that I helped choose, and I know all-ish that is going to happen and how it is going to end. I have “seen this movie before”. So I have an advantage over fear – I know that I win! So why not take the wheel with excitement, strap in, and enjoy the ride of my life?!!

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