Astrology and my healer archetype

September 13, 2016 ~ Tuesday

7a I made it through my first day back in Woodinville with Edward!

I came to spend a couple of days with Edward before he flies home to see Chase for his birthday. I was concerned about returning to this environment, with so much easy access to so much good wine – including our personal collection.

I had a weak moment on arrival, as the usual routine is to unwind from the trip with a glass of wine. But I didn’t – and I remember the entire wonderful evening of sharing an incredible dinner, making love, and watching a comedy hour before he tucked me in.

I listened to another Carolyn Myss recording on Audible during my drive yesterday, Essential Guide for Healers. I thought it might help me determine if indeed I embody the healer archetype. Well after listening to the program, I believe the answer is most certainly yes. I have the healer archetype. And yes, I can use this gift in an occupation in the healing arts. Moreso, I understand there is an important role for healers in this moment in time, and perhaps an important role for me as well, personally and professionally.

She spoke of healers in terms I had never considered before, in terms of healing environments. I remembered the time I took Cameron to the skate park and the many boys were cursing. I didn’t want that type of atmosphere for Cameron, so I said a prayer to bring the calming, cleansing presence of the Holy Spirit. The boys immediately stopped cursing, and immediately thereafter Cameron broke his wrist. I took it as the enemy lashing back at me for encroaching on his territory. I called Rob that night to pray over Cameron, and his arm was healed.

She spoke of healers being called to cleanse the toxic energies that would otherwise produce devastation in this world. That resonated with me. The whole program resonated with me – on a very deep level. She said that astrology is a healing art! Astrology?! I don’t know why, can’t quite make that connection. But I do know that on Wednesday evening, as I pondered over my life and made note of promptings from my life that could reveal my sacred contract, I did think about astrology, and I did make note of the healing arts, though I had not thought of the two as related in any way.

My next step is to investigate training opportunities in this area. Where will I find them? I need only attract them to myself.

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