Cycles and the art of reinventing yourself

September 20, 2016 ~ Tuesday

6a I have been thinking a lot about cycles and honoring cycles and trying to sync myself with natural cycles, the way I am naturally inclined to do when I am camping. While at home this week, I have been going to bed by 10p, sometimes even earlier than that. The Autumn Equinox is nearly upon us, and the sun is setting earlier. I am becoming sleepy closer to 8p, eating around 6p.

Consequently, I am also rising earlier, before 5a. I like it this way. I am not prone to my typical dysfunctional behaviors in the morning – drinking, getting high, over-eating. These I do at night and when I am bored. I am 14 days sober now!

I am doing some research along the lines of cycles, trying to determine if there are benefits to me by continuing to sync. What should I be doing in the Fall? My Native American heritage should have much to teach me in this manner.

“Among Native American tribes, cold winters were known as ‘Dark Lodge” time. They told stories, repaired tools, made clothing and ceremonial gear.”

I feel pretty good about my morning habits and rituals. Rise naturally (no alarm), coffee, reading and journaling, chat with Edward around 8a, then exercise, with breakfast being between 10-11a. I need to incorporate a light snack before brunch, like a protein shake, within thirty minutes of waking.

My day is spent working – studying, writing, running errands, attending to personal business – or in recreation if it is a rest day.

It is the evening that brings the discontent and anxiety – and often dysfunctional behaviors. I have been “good” all day. Now it is time to cut loose! All of my positive efforts can be undone in a matter of hours.

My first evening habit to cultivate is low lighting levels. I love candles anyway! Low lighting signals to my body and my psyche that it is time to wind down. Hot, calming tea like chamomile should help with this process too.

The evening is a time that I feel more social, so maybe a “gathering around the fire”, sharing a move or telephone conversation, writing a letter, or other practices – like social media? – that connect me to others.

2p I took the Dishman Hills hike via Stevens creek today, a seven mile loop. My mind was quiet enough, and I turned my attention to my future vocation, allowing myself to mull it over as I walked. Astrology? Healing? Writing? What do I want to take up next? Is one vocation and one hobby, or might they be one in the same?

I circled back around to the idea that first came to me on my crisis outing – the first one. “The Art of Reinventing Yourself.” I can use the tools of astrology (among others), earn while I continue to learn the nuance, and start helping people right away. I can write my story in stories, perhaps the first being how I became a winery manager, my most recent (completed) reinvention of myself.

People want to know how to change.

My blog could be chapters from my previous lives, tips for change, my current saga, etc. I could develop a workbook series to lead people through change, written and improved as I go.

This option builds on my strengths, allows me to create my own schedule (that honors my natural rhythms), and start earning money right away. If I start putting the project together now, I should have time to position myself well for January, the self-improvement season. I want to flesh this out this afternoon.

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