Windhorse Woman

October 11, 2016 ~ Tuesday

2p The masculine energy pursues his targets and goals with dynamic force, hunting and capturing his prize through strength, speed, stamina…

The feminine, Sacred Observer, simply watches and waits, magnetizing the world toward her, and she is receptive to its gifts!

The term *sacred observer* is from Windhorse Woman by Lynn V. Andrews. Also from Windhorse Woman:

“Everything happens so quickly at times. I have always been the kind of person who lives many events in rapid succession, and then I spend ages writing about them and catching up emotionally with what has happened to me.”

“‘Ah’, Ani said, squinting one eye, ‘you sound like a writer’. She laughed and then her face relaxed and she became serious. ‘These events do not happen to you. You are the event… so when you try to understand a happening, remember that you are merely struggling to understand yourself.'”

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