Destination: Grayson! Departure: Tomorrow!!

October 19, 2016 ~ Wednesday

8a Waiting for Edward to call me. In the meantime, thought I would draft my Facebook post for my road trip.

Destination: Grayson
Departure: Tomorrow!

Recent events have given me a unique opportunity to go on walkabout, a three-month road trip, taking a slow southern route to arrive in Florida for the birth of my first grandson, who is due on December 7th.

I will be camping and boondocking along the way with my trusty sidekick, Justice. I intend to spend the majority of my time communing with nature and working to unblock myself as a writer. My hope is to come out on the other side with clarity and a plan for my future. Maybe even a book deal? lol

Regardless, I will abandon myself to this adventure and see where it takes me. I’d love to hear your suggestions for must-see places along the way, particularly hikes, national parks and natural wonders. My route will take me through Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and many of the southern states.

I will try to post more often, even if it is just a photo of the day. Thank you for all of your love, and thank you for sharing my journey with such faith and acceptance.

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