Walkabout: Day 4, Mile 650

October 23, 2016 ~ Sunday

7:15a ~ Morning Pages ~ Boiler Bay, OR

I parked overnight at Boiler Bay Viewpoint / rest area. It was an “unofficial” campsite listed on FreeCampSites.net. It was good to get an “unofficial” site under my belt right away – to calm the nerves over it. There was a review as recent as September of this year, a boondocker who slept here and said they were not the only ones to take advantage of it.

I felt reasonably good about it, better than I did about spending the money for Beverly Beach State Park, about seven miles south of here. Snapped a gorgeous picture of a hotel on the cliffside with crashing waves beneath.

Bagged down in the back of the car, I continued to hear the crashing waves, and from time to time rain would pelt the roof of my car too. It made me smile. I was warm and comfortable.

Cathy is giving me grief, and I can hardly take it anymore. First she messages me, telling me that what I am doing is extremely dangerous. Then she tags me in a post about a missing hiker in Oregon. I became more angry than I needed to and realized that by doing wo I was only adding fuel to her fire. I talked myself closed on the subject, turned my mind to gratitude and drifted to sleep. I guess the angry was still awake in me.

I had the strangest dream. I was sleeping in my car, lying in the exact position and at the exact rest area. I heard little children calling my name. How could this be?

I figured there must be another Sonya parked here, and I tried to ignore it. But the voices were insistent, and they called louder and louder. I got butterflies in my stomach. Could they really be looking for me?

Then I heard little hands banging on my windows, on both sides of my car, calling my name! Finally I opened my eyes, concerned and a little afraid.

I saw Deanna, Tony’s sister. I reached around the driver’s seat and opened the front door. I stayed in the back of the car. She slid herself into the driver’s seat. She was holding a baby. She had three other children – a pale boy, a dark freckled boy, and the curly-haired girl I once knew and adored.

They piled in the back of the car somehow, as I saw them there later in the dream. Deanna says to me, “I need you to leave here.”

I tell her, “No.”

I get the idea that she knows where I am because of my posts on Facebook. She tells me, “You don’t understand. He might find you.”

She has grave concern in her voice.

I believe she is talking about Tony. I say, “But I never knew him to be an angry man.”

The word “angry” gets stuck in my throat, and I have to say it twice. She reiterates that she needs me to leave, that it isn’t safe. I play with the children for a little while as we talk.

It was weird, and the dream came in the early morning hours. I had woken at 3a and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I guess I finally did, since I had the dream. When I woke from it, it was almost 7a.

It was still dark enough to need a flashlight. I was like, wha??? If it is 6:48a, where is the sunrise? It came slowly over the next several minutes as I gathered my sleeping bag, re-situated things in the car, and walked Justice (and myself!). There were two RVs and another vehicle who stayed overnight nearby. Good company.

I am concerned about the lack of sunlight during this trip. There is not much time to explore during the daylight anymore. I need to figure out how to maximize my time. I can burn my lantern when I am legitimately camped, with my DIY window shades for privacy, but I don’t feel comfortable doing the same at an “unofficial” campsite. I don’t want to draw undue attention to myself.

I decided to skip Beverly Beach today. It seems the only access is through the State Park Campground, which I am not paying for. Instead, I will head a bit further south to Newport, after spending some time at Depoe Bay. I hope to actually see some whales, and enjoy the onion rings that Mary told me about. I wonder if they sell onion rings for breakfast? I wonder if they will cost me my ten bucks for the day! lol I would love a cup of coffee too.

I used a pee cup in the car for the first time last night. It was raining, I was ready for bed, and I didn’t want to get wet. Brenna had given me a new travel coffee mug, so I decided to use my old one. It had a wide enough mouth on it, and it worked like a charm.

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