Walkabout: Day 6, Mile 1138

October 25, 2016 ~ Tuesday

7:30a Morning Pages ~ Arcata, CA

I had to cut my morning pages short yesterday. I tried to wait out the storm on Bastendorf Beach, but by 9a it became apparent that there were not going to be “periods of rain”, but that it was not going to stop anytime soon. I needed to make it to Arcata, and I wanted to visit Moonstone Crossing before close.

I stopped writing and decided to break camp in the storm. The rain did finally slack off some – just about the time I was finished loading up the car.

My wet tent is my biggest concern right now. The bottom has a tight weave – that’s what makes it waterproof. You aren’t supposed to need a ground cover. There was a puddle of water in my tent when I rolled it up. It stayed right there! lol I couldn’t believe it. I loaded the end into the bottom of the dog kennel so that if it let go it would not saturate the back of my car. And there it sits.

At least I am not worried about it. Peace of mind is terribly underrated.

I did make it to Moonstone Crossing. I met Don, the winemaker. (Last time we tasted with Sharon, his wife.) He was not open, just in briefly to wash glass. He was so gracious! He let me taste, and he allowed Justice to roam around off-leash. I love everything and made it worth his while.

Had I been minutes earlier or later, I would have missed him. How’s that for a treat from the Universe? 🙂

The point was to get a couple of bottles of our favorites to share with Edward on New Year’s Eve. I did, and then some. I ended up with six, thinking he might offer me a half-case discount. Instead, he treated me like industry. I also bought two t-shirts, one for Edward and one for myself. The total charge with tax was just over $200. Wow! How generous! I even got a picture of us with Justice.

I tried to figure out how to stage the overnight in that wet, muddy car. The only nearby free campsite was a rest area just north of town, where you could sleep up to eight hours. I went and checked it out. Dogs were only permitted in a small grassy stretch along the road. There was no way I could tie out Justice and let her eat while I layed out my wet belongings. It was cold and windy, and I was cold and wet, and the chance of rain was 100%.

I decided to call in a life line and book a motel using my Amex points. I have enough points left for three more “emergency” or “refreshment” nights. I am grateful for the option.

It took me an hour to unload my car and lay out my stuff. Surprisingly, and thankfully!, my bags of clothing were not that wet. It’s a good thing I decided to bail them out of the tent when I did. I probably saved myself ten bucks and several hours at the laundromat. The room looks funny, with my stuff hanging here, there and everywhere. I opened up the Malbec and enjoyed the night catching up with Edward and Facebook.

I made a mistake with my morning pages yesterday that I don’t want to make again. I tried to multi-task. I tried to craft my Instagram post using them. It was awkward, not the wonderful free-flow I get and enjoy when I am just simply writing. I learned that the morning pages are for me and me alone. They aren’t for combining with other writing exercises. It was a good lesson.

I also have to laugh at myself for the predicament I put myself in at Bastendorf Beach. I was pretty well organized. I just felt like I wasn’t. And I wanted to be more perfect. I didn’t need to lug all of those things into the tent. I could have left nearly all of them in the car. Perfectionism cost me. But I walked away with a great story.

I love this! I love the travel and the adventure. When I read about being whole as a person, the experts advise you to do what makes you come alive, do what brings you deep and overflowing joy. This is that for me. I have to figure out how to keep doing this. I have to figure out how to make money and support myself doing this.

I am enormously happy right now. And I am staying engaged with my friends on Facebook – something I am challenged to do so frequently. I am figuring out how to organize myself so I travel, take in nature, write, and socialize. It isn’t easy. It takes effort and commitment… and an internet connection! lol

But seriously – God, will you please show me how to support myself with writing and travel? Please and Thank You! 🙂

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