Walkabout: Day 11, Mile 1981

October 30, 2016 ~ Sunday

6:30a Morning Pages ~ West Hills, CA

I am with Alison and Mark, enjoying a little rest and relaxation in California, just outside of Los Angeles. They have been wonderful. They allowed me to set my tent up in the backyard, so it could start drying out. That was the one thing that had been weighing so heavily on my mind. I was concerned for the tent itself. I was concerned for my car and the rest of my belongings as it continued to slowly leak out the puddle of water I had rolled up into it.

They helped me get it set up and protected under the back deck, just in case it rained – which it never does here, but did while I was here. lol They allowed me to wash my dirty clothes, so I have a fresh start today. They put me up in a bedroom of my own with a wonderful bed, cozy sheets and pillows, and a private bathroom. They fed me well and offered me anything and everything from their pantry. Mark made omelets in the morning, and they took me to their favorite Italian restaurant in the evening. I had the most amazing Beef Wellington. Oh. My. Stars. I am certainly refreshed and ready to carry on.

Where do I go from here? I should stop in to see my family in Phoenix, especially my uncle David. But after this visit with Ali and Mark, I really feel like I need some time alone. I could go directly to the Grand Canyon, which is my more likely choice.

Ali had a wonderful blog idea – Justice’s Journey. I think it is a delightful concept. I would not want to do it now, while I am on the road, but I could certainly produce a children’s book sometime in the future. Both Ali and Mark think I should be blogging, and they are right. I should be. It’s just so hard to keep up with all of the logistics of this trip.

I really should be blogging. I tried to set up a new blog before I left Washington, but I could not figure out all of the parts and pieces. I could not even get the About Me page to display on the menu. If I had some technical help… Perhaps I could reach out to someone.

For now, I have abbreviated versions as posts on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I actually like the character limits. It forces me to think about what is most important, keep focus, and cut out all that is not essential. Like my story yesterday about the hike to the top of Yosemite Falls. There was so much I could have included, intended to include, but I had limits, so I had to choose and stick to the point. I had to be disciplined in my writing, and it worked. I really like the way the post came out.

I want to go to school, and I think I will. It is a yearning that never goes away. It pains me that I never finished high school, never pursued a higher education. I never got to wear that cap and gown and walk that walk across the stage. I tear up every time I watch someone else do it.

I think I am meant to learn. Perhaps I could even go for a Masters degree. I know I have it in me. And I know it would give me confidence in my writing skills. I have many books in me. I want to get them out of me and down on paper. I want to be the writer I know I can be.

I will spend a few more minutes with Ali and Mark this morning before they head out to a gun show. I am invited, but I really just want to get back on the road. Take my time, clean and re-organize my car. First, I would love a cup of coffee. I also need to walk Justice and refill my water supply. I have not been diligent with keeping my water bottles full. That could be dangerous as I head into the southwest.

I thought I had gained some time on my mileage, but I calculated the remaining trip yesterday, and I still need to be putting in about 125 miles per day to cover enough ground to get me to Myrtle Beach by Thanksgiving. My finances are holding up well. I need to catch up my expense log before I go. I saw a gray deer in the park on Friday morning, and a fawn in my dream.

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