Walkabout: Day 12, A mouse in the car

October 31, 2016 ~ Monday

6a Morning Pages ~ Joshua Tree, CA

I have a mouse in my car. I suspected so yesterday. As I was loading up, I noticed the little turds, and I saw a couple of items that had the little chew holes. I remembered waking up the night outside of Sacramento, when I was overnighting next to the fishing crew, and hearing a noise that I swore came from inside the car. At the time I dismissed it. What could be in the car?

But sure enough, I saw his little face last night. I was researching hikes in Joshua Tree National Park, sitting with my back propped up against the trunk door. To my right, I hear the sound of rustling. I became still and quiet and looked in the direction of the noise. Next thing I know, his tiny little head is there, looking at me.

His face was white, ears big, and totally cute. I had been grossed out by the thought of a mouse in the car. Now I am wondering if I can make it a second travel pet!

Almost… I am concerned about having something ruined by his chewing. (I actually don’t know if it is a boy. lol) I also do not want him using my vehicle as a litter box. I have to live in this car for the next three months.

I looked up mouse symbolism. Key words are cleanliness, observation, timely action, and proliferation of new ideas. That last one is the one that resonated with me.

I am in need of a proliferation of new ideas. I instantly thought of my dream of becoming a writer and needing new ideas. I thought of Walt Before Mickey and how he never gave up on his dream of producing quality animation. Through two failed businesses, being evicted with only the clothes on his back, eating out of the trash to survive, he never gave up.

He made friends with a little mouse and became the most celebrated animator in history. And his mouse became famous too.

So I am trying to discern the purpose for this visit from mouse. My instinct (that is another key word) tells me it has to do with my writing. That I can pursue my dream like Walt pursued his. That success may not be promised, but that does not mean it cannot be had.

The sun is coming up in Joshua Tree. It is beautiful here – a different kind of beauty than the mountains I just came from. Massive rock formations, desert hues, and the stars! Oh my, the stars!

I woke about 3a and decided to put on my glasses. I had the moon roof open, and I was treated to the most incredible view of the constellation of Orion I have ever beheld. I could see tiny detail, including the fragments of the nebula under his belt. It was mesmerizing.

Orion was a hunter in mythology, and he is somehow associated with Osiris. The Egyptians credit Isis and Osiris with the creation of all humans. So, I hear *creative energy* yet again, another confirmation.

I will stop at two pages today, as I have a lot of ground to cover before it gets too hot. I am hiking into a hidden canyon to delight in a secluded oasis, touted as the best hike in the park. Seven-ish miles, and I can’t wait!! 🙂

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