Walkabout: Day 18, Mile 3730

November 6, 2016 ~ Sunday

6:15a Morning Pages ~ Taos, NM

I spent the day with Tanya yesterday, so I did not have an opportunity to do my morning pages. She was late meeting me in Santa Fe on Friday night. She used her member status to check us in to a casino hotel for the night for free (for her. I had to pay a $50 pet fee!) She also had $70 meal credit, $35 in free play at the casino, and a free two hours of bowling with a hot dog, chips and fountain drink for each of us.

It was very generous of her to use her member credits on me. She wanted to show me a good time, even though she was broker than broke and in a serious life pickle. I appreciated that. I pulled out the bottle of Rivulet I had wanted to share with her as my thank you gift.

Her birthday is November 19, and she is a Scorpio. And I was just thinking I had no Scorpio friends. She owns it.

While I waited for her on Friday evening, I browsed the shop that she works at. There was a ton of turquoise jewelry. Jackpot! I have been looking for a piece of turquoise, a necklace in particular, to help open my throat chakra. I saw many beautiful pieces. Then I saw *the one*.

It was a necklace with a shell pendant, and that shell pendant was a perfect display of the logarithmic spiral! The tail of the shell was inlaid with turquoise. I would later find out the shell itself is a fossil. I met one of the artists who collaborated on this piece, Susan Handelsman. She worked with Nate Paleo, the rock man from Jackalope, she called him. She said it as though I should know the name. I can hardly wait to Google him.

She called the shell an Abalone and said the other beads were Heishi stone. None of these she knew the spellings of, so I will have to do a little research! This is a truly exquisite, one of a kind piece of art that I get to wear around my neck. And it was the perfect find in New Mexico to punctuate this journey I am on.

I have been enamoured with the logarithmic spiral since a dream I had several months ago. [You can find that journal entry/blog post here.] Unlike a standard spiral, which circles back on itself in equidistant curls, the logarithmic spiral grows in distance from the center point at each circle, by mathematical precision, so that each loop spreads itself further and further away from its origin.

It is a symbol of a life of learning and growing and developing to me. We do not live in a linear fashion, traveling from point A to B to C to D in a straight line. I am learning that life is more akin to cycles, and we often repeat the same patterns and lessons over and over again. But we grown in the process (if we are wise), and each time around we move further and further from our origin. Though we are still the same person, we are far from who we used to be.

The logarithmic spiral occurs naturally in many natural wonders, like shells. To find this combination of turquoise and shell is a true gift from the Universe, and another sign that I am on the right path. I can hardly believe my good fortune. And she sold it to me for only $80.

I have been listening to Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness by Scott Jurek on Audible for this stretch of my trip. Scott tells me of his humble beginnings, his love for running and for racing, and his journey to become a vegan athlete.

I have been coming closer and closer to a vegetarian diet, so it has been great to hear the experience of a vegan athlete first hand. My food philosophy has been to “eat as close to how God created it as possible” for some time. Recently, I have started minimizing meat in my diet. I eat largely plant-based foods, and I try to eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as I can each day.

His book has me thinking about running longer races again. The half-marathon was a huge accomplishment for mr. but I did not keep it up. I bowed out of the long runs shortly after, content with my 3-4 miles, 3-4 days/week. Now I am having the inkling of going for the full 26.2.

The Disney half is January 7th and the full is the 8th. I have started thinking I could get serious about training while on this trip and complete the race as an exclamation of my success at creating a new life for myself. The logistical challenges of being on the road are already tough, but I am learning to trust myself, trust my instincts, and I am getting systems down that save me time. Can I add a serious running regimen to all of this?

Take this morning, for example. I had my alarm set for 6a. The plan was to rise, take care of Justice and do my morning pages in the first hour. Done! Then I thought I would gear up and put in a 5k here around the rest area, taking in the sights at this historic marker that I could not see as I drove in the dark last night. But there is a heavy fog this morning. I can’t see what I should see. Would it be safe to run? I would have to loop around and around the rest area, since I can’t see anything else. Boring!!!

But a serious runner would gear up and get out and get it done. Do I really fancy myself a serious runner? Edward is calling me at 7:45 for our a.m. chat, and I want to take the Taos Pueblo tour at 9a. That leaves very little wiggle room. If I am to do this, I need to do it now.

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