Walkabout: Day 21, Earth, Water & Quintessence

November 9, 2016 ~ Wednesday

6:30a Morning Pages ~ Carlsbad Caverns/Sitting Bull Falls

I am having a harder time getting warmed up this morning. I am boondocking in a picnic area near Sitting Bull Falls. I arrived after dark last night, driving the last 30-ish minutes as the sun completely disappeared from the sky. I realize I still have a fear of the dark. It really hit me as I was walking through the caverns yesterday.

As I was driving, I saw cows right on the side of the road. It scared me at first – to be winding my way through the dark and see this big ole cow face staring at my headlights. Was his sitting?? A moment later, I see another. Then another cluster of them appeared from the dark. And yes, several were actually sitting. I guess that is why they call this area Sitting Bull. I saw it.

I am looking forward to exploring today.

I may spend another day on the grounds of Carlsbad Park as well. There are hiking trails and more caves you can explore. Depends on the weather, as dogs are not permitted.

The Caverns were magnificent. I was totally in awe. And totally aware of my fear. The cave was dimly lit and eerie. I felt my chest tighten and my heart beat faster and weaker. I can hardly believe people explored this area in the dark.

The rock formations were incredible. One reminded me of angel wings. One reminded me of a giant walrus. That one was called the Rock of Ages. One looked like a chiminea with a fire in its belly. Another looked like a totem pole. It was actually called Totem Pole! lol

The mouse is gone. I had to trap it. I used a sticky trap. I feel bad that I feel so happy. I wish it would have left on its own. It’s so quiet in the car now. No more little noises. No more wondering what it might be destroying. I am so very relieved. I know that it was just conducting itself according to its nature. But that nature was destructive to my environment.

I did learn a few things from this experience. The most fascinating was the article I read on the experiments with Mouse Utopia. There are so many parallels to the human race in this day. The two big takeaways for me were:

1. The female mice abandoned their roles as nurturers and child-rearers. As the men withdrew from their responsibilities as providers, the women had to assume this level of care and became uninterested in making a family life.

2. The population congregated in areas, leaving some spaces practically empty and others over-crowded. I see this phenomenon as I drive through cities like San Francisco and then Hope, NM – where the only thing of prominence is the cemetary. I am totally intrigued, and I want to learn more.

I paused to make coffee. I had finally gotten warm enough to go out in the cold. hahaha It is probably cheating on the morning pages, but I am adapting the exercise to my life on the road.

If I stay put today, that would give me at least three more hours of daylight to play with. Imagine what I could do with those three hours. I do need to do some resupply at Carlsbad, and I would choose a camp area closer to where I want to be tomorrow, whether that is the caverns park or on into Texas, I don’t quite know yet.

I feel more hungry today than I have in a while. And my head is a little foggy from the alcohol I drank last night. I am happy to report that I want to drink less and less, the longer I practice at it. I nearly always feel a residual UGH the next morning, even after only two beers. I am also doing great to observe the two drink limit. I could have bought a six pack last night. In fact, that was the only option to have a local brew. But I did not want to be stuck with six beers and all the trouble that could lead to.

There is dog hair everywhere in the car! It would be nice to spend a little time cleaning it out before I hit the road again. I need to refill my water supply too. that is what I could do with the extra time today. Find a park or library, spend some time in Carlsbad with internet connection. Figure out a general strategy for the next week. Assess my money. Communicate with Julianne, Oklahoma family, Cameron & Julia. I can unwrap my fruit basket too, now that the mouse is gone.

It occurred to me yesterday that I have experienced each of the four elements in the natural phenomenon I have explored these last three days. Fire in the Valley of Fires lava flow; Air in the windswept dunes of White Sands; Earth in the caverns of Carlsbad; and Water today at Sitting Bull Falls. It seems there is some significance here, and one worthy of my attention.

I will certainly post about it, but how to make the most of that post? I am truly excited at the falls visit. Oh and I can see a bull from where I sit right now. 🙂

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