Walkabout: Day 25, Hungry for family

November 13, 2016 ~ Sunday

7:30a Morning Pages ~ Carnegie, OK

I am on the couch at my cousin Angie’s house. It is a little dark, since I don’t know how to turn the lights on.

Ta-dahhh! Gee, there is this little switch over there.

It was an interesting night. Both rooms sleep with the televisions on. And there were lights on as well. I had a comfortable but disturbed night of sleep, in and out due to the noise and light.

There is presently a program running about oil on the Native American reservation lands. It is interesting, and it is hard to keep my mind focused here.

Angie and I visited Aunt Fletia and Uncle Dale last night (her parents). The first thing Aunt Fletia asked was if I was hungry. I was! And I was so grateful to have been offered a meal.

She heated up barley soup in the microwave, and I didn’t bat an eyelash. I assembled a turkey sandwich with mayo, mustard, cheese and tomato. It tasted amazing. I did not decline the chocolate pistachio cake either, and it was so delicious.

I ate it all with gratitude and didn’t think too much about what was in it or how healthy it was or wasn’t. It just felt good to sit at the dining room table with a good meal. Because I eat so conscientiously otherwise, I can afford not to be picky when I am offered something with love.

Carnegie is so tiny, and there is practically nothing to do here. It’s a wonder this little town is even still around. Oh my gosh do I want coffee right now.

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