Walkabout, Day 27, Mile 4985

November 15, 2016 ~ Tuesday

9:15a Morning Pages ~ Oklahoma City, Compass Coffee House

Found another adorable coffee shop to write my morning pages today. I love that it is called Compass Coffee House, and I ordered the True North Latte. I think it is another sign that I am on the right path.

I deeply enjoyed my time with Teresa last night. We stayed up until midnight, just chatting. We shared a nip of her homemade Kahlua, and I opened a bottle of the Roux. Her husband, Dee, played around on his keyboards in the music room. Her art is just beautiful, especially the wax and spray paint pieces she does. She shared some of her love for our Native American heritage with me. There were very kind and generous to me and to Justice. Another family blessing.

I wanted to purchase two pieces of her art. One is wax work on paper, and it reminds me of the Phoenix bird. The colors are striking. The second has a full moon and three spirit birds. It is spray paint, and she calls it the Trinity. She painted it on August 20, 2016 – just as I was dismantling my life. The image and the timing feels so significant.

I had no idea what she would charge me, and I wanted to offer her a fair price for her work. I kept thinking of the fifty dollars Iverna blessed me with, and that I could pass on that blessing, but it just didn’t seem like enough. Were those pieces hanging in my tasting room, I would pay at least $200 for the canvas and $50-75 for the wax work.

So instead of making an offer I thought would be offensive, I asked her what she would charge me, and that it would have to be a fair price. I would have paid almost whatever she asked. She tried to make it one penny, but I refused. That was not fair. So I countered with my fifty dollar blessing, telling her vaguely how I had come to it but not who had given it to me. I told her simply that it was a blessing to me that I wanted to pass on to her. She lit up.

Then she told me that she had really wanted to gift me something to help me on my journey, but that she only had twenty bucks. I thought – she had already taken me to dinner and opened her home to me! But she wanted to do more, and she returned my blessing money back to me, saying, “You have bought this painting. It is a done deal. Now I have something to bless you with!” And she put the fifty dollars back into my hands. Wow, what a powerful experience!

She also gave me an extra painting, which I will give to John when I visit him for dinner this evening. John is a cousin I never knew I had. Teresa adores him, and he loves her art. It will be a perfect way to share the gift and blessing she shared with me.

She played me a flute prayer before sending me off with a big hug. It really warmed my heart.

I want to share her art in my next post. I don’t know whether to feature it singly or to include the other pieces I have brought with me. But I know I needed to stop this morning and write it out before I continued north into Kansas. While it was fresh on my mind and in my heart.

I wish I could afford more art! There are some wonderful pieces hanging in this coffee house. There is a gorgeous eagle I would like to get for my dad, but $195 is more than I can spend right now. Funny, I would not spend that on shoes or jewelry or glasses, but I don’t bat a lash at that price for art – instead, what a steal! It just brings me so much joy, especially when I have met the artist. More people should collect, so that souls like Teresa can create and inspire.

I need a special frame for the Phoenix. In the meantime, I have it wedged between two other pieces to keep it safe. Being wax, it is fragile. I would be so upset if anything happened to it.

I had a dream last night. I watched a crab digging into the wet sand and disappearing in my rear view mirror as I drove my journey. I wonder what it could mean? I will do a little research while I finish my latte and prepare for the next stretch of driving – five hours this time. Then I need to get a long walk in to keep up my fitness – physical and mental.

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