Walkabout: Day 28, Questions about being true

November 16, 2016 ~ Wednesday

7:30a Morning Pages ~ Baldwin, OK ~ Douglas County Lake

Met my cousin John for the very first time yesterday. Apparently my Uncle Dennis had a relationship before he married Aunt Nancy, and they had a son he never told us about. Angie mentioned him to me, and when I said I might stop halfway to Mason City, in Kansas City, Kathee asked me if I was going to see John.

I guess they have been getting to know him on Facebook. I was excited to know I have MORE family and to meet him. He is a really nice guy. All of this time, he thought he was an only child. Now he has a huge family, if he chooses to embrace them. I can’t help but wonder what that does to a person, psychologically.

I camped at Douglas County Lake last night. It was dark when I arrived. I woke up to beautiful scenery! There is a trail right in front of me that appears by satellite to go at least halfway around the lake. I think I will gear up for a jog this morning.

John took me to dinner last night, and Teresa the night before that, and I didn’t get a chance to get out yesterday. I want to maintain the shape and fitness level I have worked so hard to earn. It feels great to be fit! And to experience so much of this beautiful country on my own two feet.

I am anxious to get underway today. I have a six hour trip to Mason City, Iowa. I want to run today, and I need to stop at an REI along the way to pick up another canister. That will take time, and I don’t want to arrive too late.

But I want to be true to my deeper self, who loves to write and hike and to run, and she deserves her opportunity to do so. Besides, after five hours in the car yesterday, and the grueling schedule I have ahead of me, I need to stretch my legs and move my body.

Today is Day 28. I have been on the road four weeks. I need to tally my finances, but I know I will be making purchases today that need to be included. I believe I am still within my imposed food and spending budgets. Much thanks is due to my refreshing visits along the way. People have been so kind and generous to me and to Justice.

There was a single small duck sitting in my view, just outside my window on the driver’s side. Cute little thing, all by himself. I decided a wanted a picture. I picked up my camera, rolled down the window and zoomed in. Poof! He vanished. I watched the water for several seconds before I finally gave up with my camera. Then he appeared back on the surface a few feet away. What a shy little rascal.

As the sun rises higher and higher in the sky, it is showing some signs of fall foliage colors. Nothing spectacular, just a hint or orange here, a deepening of maroon there, a brightening of yellow family dotting the tree tops. I love the fall colors and the sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet.

I should check my oil level when I get back from my run. This would be a good time to replenish, if I need to. Plus maintain my peace of mind. “Slow and methodical. Protect my tools, protect my person.” I am grateful to have such a trusty steed to ride me to glory.

I rolled over 100K miles yesterday! Dang it, I didn’t even know it. I had been watching the numbers creep up, but I missed the roll over. Oh well, not that big of a deal.

I seriously want to cut the morning pages short today, so I can get the rest of my day underway. But that would be counterproductive. I am a writer! That means I need to write! There is very little more important in my life right now than honing my writing skills. And The Artist’s Way says that the morning pages are non-negotiable. I am to do them no matter what.

Besides, what good is it to arrive in Mason City much before dinner time? Is it more important to have that extra hour or two with family? Or is it more important to spend that hour or two being true to myself and my commitments and shaping my future for the better? Even if I depart here at noon, that still puts me in Mason City by 7p, plenty of time to visit.

The question before me presently is whether I want to wear my headphones and whether I want to bring Justice. Justice will want to stop and sniff everything along the way, breaking my pace and messing with my head. She needs her exercise too, but she may benefit from the extra rest and peace in the car right now. She has been so stimulated by all of the new sights, sounds and smells these last four weeks. I can tell she is tired out by them.

Four weeks on the road today. What an amazing accomplishment. What an incredible opportunity. I am deeply grateful for it.

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