Walkabout: Day 34, Mile 6985

November 22, 2016 ~ Tuesday

7a Morning Pages ~ Richmond, VA w/James & Pamela

Slept in a big, cozy bed last night, and I tossed and turned like crazy. I was too warm, then chilled. I was comfortable, but I guess I didn’t know what to do with myself. This is the second time recently that I should have had a good night’s sleep, but was very restless instead. Maybe it is the strange environment? I seem to sleep better in my car.

I hiked the White Oak Falls Trail in the Shenandoah National Park yesterday. It was awesome. You hike four and a half miles down into the canyon, along a creek that rolls itself down three separate falls areas, each more beautiful than the last.

There are places to picnic and even swim in the waters – great for warmer weather.

The return hike is back UP those four and a half miles, the first three-ish being pretty rocky, rugged and steep. I’ve learned to take care of my body for a good hike, so we did just fine.

I had a big Thanksgiving dinner the night before with Cathy and her family. I packed a snack for Justice and me that we enjoyed at the bottom of the falls.

We completed the nine mile hike in four hours, fourteen minutes. The elevation was 2444 feet over those four and a half miles.

Drove to Richmond and had dinner with James and Pamela. We went to Social 52. They have extended Happy Hour on Mondays, so appetizers were buy one get one half off, and small draft beers were $2. I needn’t worry, as they paid for my dinner anyway. Another generous friend. ❤

Edward wants to have brunch with me today! When he realized I would be in Richmond as he landed, he asked if I wanted to have lunch! It was so sweet, and of course I took him up on his offer. We didn’t think we would see each other until Friday, and even that was a bonus we had not expected. Now we get a “sneak peek” three days early. lol

But seriously, we miss each other. The universe has thrown in another wonderful curve ball, and we are grateful for the opportunity. It’s just a shame he can’t accompany me to Myrtle Beach for the whole week.

I am glad for the time I will get to spend with his kids. I rarely have the chance to see them, so we have had little opportunity to build a real relationship. I hope Jennifer is better behaved than last time. She really tried to “take over” her daddy and monopolize his time and attention. I understand this is totally normal, but it is awkward too. She acted like a jealous lover, not a spoiled child. It was weird, and I wasn’t quite sure how to act. Aside from Pop, none of Edward’s family has been very supportive, so I was still trying to earn trust. Nothing I did was good enough.

I still feel hurt over the whole situation. I still remember the day we were all supposed to go to Kings Dominion together, and Shirley refused. I took it very personally. Then the time she chastised me for wanting Edward and the kids to spend time with my family for Thanksgiving.

I try to let go of the hurt, so we can move on and try again. They seem to be willing to try, now that Edward and I are engaged. That somehow changed things. I would understand that, if we had only been dating a year or two. But this November marked six years for us. Obviously we have a serious, committed relationship.

I am anxious to get up and get the day started, but James is not a morning person. Ugh! lol neither is Edward. The two of them seriously remind me of each other. We will do a five mile hike before I get to see Edward for lunch. If we made it out the door around noon-ish… but I really shouldn’t make any assumptions and allow things to unfold the way they will.

First, I have the time, invitation and inclination to take a hot shower! I loooove hot showers these days. I need to collect a change of clothes from my car first.

Another two weeks, and this stretch of my road trip will be complete. I am looking forward to having a month in Florida with Grayson, Cameron and Julia. Holding that sweet baby, who I understand has a head full of hair, just like Cameron did. Bonding with Julia. Celebrating this time with my son and his family.

I was deeply honored to be invited into the delivery room. I am still kind of awed by that. It’s a very tender, intimate time, and it takes a lot of trust to open that time to others. Julia hardly knows me, so I was really, wonderfully surprised to get the message from her. Truly blessed! ❤

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