Walkabout: Day 46, Soul enrichment

December 4, 2016 ~ Sunday

6:30a Morning Pages ~ Pisgah National Forest

The coffee shops don’t open until 8a today, so I will be writing my morning pages in the car. I am totally comfy, though. I have the engine running and the heater on, and I’m sitting in the privacy of the back “dorm” with the lantern on and Justice curled up in my lap. Life should always be so good.

It has been raining lightly all night long. I am a bit disappointed. The forecast didn’t call for rain until about noon today. I thought I would have time to hike, then collapse the tent before everything got wet. No such luck.

It’s all good though. I had planned on staying at least tonight anyway.

Julia has her next appointment tomorrow, and I will gauge the rest of this side of the journey based on what the doctor says. If she still has plenty of time, I can stay until I dry out, then maybe see Melinda in Georgia and Susan Tombarello in Jacksonville before ending in Vero.

If Julia might go soon, I’ll want to be close by. Here in Asheville, at nine hours away, is farther than comfort when I have the chance to be in the delivery room with them.

The car is getting rather warm, but Justice is so cute and content in my lap that I don’t want to move. Maybe I can just shed an upper layer without disturbing her. I really don’t want to start sweating.

Mission accomplished. I love her so much! We have really bonded since spending so much time together these last few months. She has been my constant companion since August 15; sometimes my only companion. She watches out for me, protects me, and loves on me. I am so much better for having her with me. I feel badly about all those years I just thought she was a pest. She is such a joy to me now!

My alarm is going off in the front of the car, where I have it charging. I am just letting it play. Dad remarked in Myrtle Beach about my alarm, that it was so quiet. I told him I don’t need it to be loud. I wake at small noises, and I can’t stand the sound of a jarring alarm that makes me want to rush like a mad woman to shut it the F UP anymore! lol

Since it looks like I won’t be hiking today, maybe I will visit some of the surrounding area. Weaversville is just to the north, and Black Mountain is just to the east. Both are said to be good day trips from Asheville.

Maybe drive, then coffee? Or coffee, research, then drive? It will be only 7:30 or so by the time I finish my pages. Unless I pause now, research, drive, then pick back up at the new location. I think we have a winner.

9a Well, God is at it again. He led me today away from ideas that would have wasted my time and money, and toward activities that will benefit me and enrich my soul.

Soul enrichment is now a big deal for me. It is not all about conserving my resources at all costs anymore. No, I spend my resources wisely, choosing to invest in things that give me joy and bring light to others too. I need not worry about running out when I spend this way.

Give, and it shall be given unto you. It is a life philosophy. I make a statement and create a ripple effect with every dollar I spend. My pool is not stagnant.

I will visit the aSHEville museum today, which is dedicated to celebrating women in their exhibits. Then I have a choice to see a Christmas play at the local community theatre or to attend a Baroque concert to benefit a local animal shelter. I will choose when the time comes. I don’t think I can choose poorly.

Cameron posted a video on my timeline that brought tears to my eyes. It is about being a rebellious person that breaks the chains of day after day after day, for myself, and for others that are impacted by the choices I make. I worried so, for so many years, that it seemed I lacked the ability to inspire him. Turns out just living my life has been the best inspiration of all. I hope he gets courage, strength, patience, resourcefulness and grit from what he sees of me, and that he grows beyond my wildest imagination. ❤

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