Walkabout: Day 47, SHE

December 5, 2016 ~ Monday

7:15a Morning Pages ~ Appalachian Coffee Co ~ Brevard, NC

The internet said this coffee house opened at seven. They open at six-thirty. I was robbed! lol

I rose about six this morning and, knowing the coffee house opened at seven, I went ahead and got breakfast ready for Justice, changed my pants and reset the car. At ten of, I put the car in drive. I know I wanted to bring myself joy by spending this early hour in the coffee house, writing my morning pages.

Yesterday was full of delightful surprises and gifts. I started at the SHE museum just as they opened, and I had the whole place to myself. The exhibits were provocative. There was a story about a slave woman and the county who kept the deeds had opened these records to the public. There was a woman who wrote about the region too, the French Broad River, slaves, and the environment long before these movements began.

There was an exhibit dedicated to sexism in advertising, and I was appalled at the images and messages prevalent as recent as 1970. Women were portrayed as weak, dumb, and sex objects.

There was an exhibit on female nobel prize winners, the Nobel Peace Prize in particular. Of the nearly 850 recipients, only 48 have been women – 18 of these for the peace prize. The walls contained their stories and life achievements.

There was an exhibit on Ami Vitale, who began her career as a freelance photographer in India. Now she is an Ambassador for Nikon and a contract photographer for National Geographic. She lives in Montana. Her images are stunning and moving.

I had a couple of hours to kill, so I headed across the street to another local faire place and sipped on a spicy bloody mary during the live music brunch hour. Had a chance to catch up with Edward during the musician’s break. The music was a perfect blend of chill tones and Christmas.

I headed over to the community theatre after eating lunch out of my basket. There was supposed to be free parking and tickets available, but I soon found out neither was the case. Well, they had a few single seats open, but I would have to find metered parking or take my chances at the Renaissance Hotel.

I plugged the hotel into my GPS and navigated my way to the parking lot. I looked around at other vehicles, and I did not see evidence of stickers or placards or another indication of which cars belonged there and which did not, so I thought it would be okay.

The theatre was slam packed with people, and I was instantly overwhelmed by the crowd. I thought twice about staying, and I actually checked out the distance to the church concert instead. After contemplating each, I got in line at the box office. One woman stood in front of me, making her transaction.

Out of the blue appeared a friendly, white-haired woman who asked, “Have you already bought your ticket?”

I answered, “No.”

She tells me that she has an extra ticket, only one, that it would be free, but I would be sitting with people I didn’t know. Well, I would be doing that anyway, so I accepted with a broad smile and many thanks.

Her name was Sarah. Her friends were Cindy, Alice and Jeannette. They invited me to dinner after the play. I really wanted to accept, but I was worried about my car and Justice and the cost of a nice dinner in the city and the effects of a couple of drinks in a strange place, then trying to get back to camp in the dark. So I returned to my vehicle and my constant companion.

I almost changed my mind and walked back to the restaurant, but then I noticed the bright yellow placards hanging from the rearview mirrors around me. It was no longer safe to leave my car here. So I headed back to Brevard.

Wanting to relax with a nice glass of wine and enjoy another local joint, I parked in the Bi-Lo lot and browsed the Google Map listings. I decided on the Phoenix, a farm to table restaurant with live music daily, local musicians, and local art of the walls. The music for this day, Sunday, was brunch only, but it felt like a good choice anyway.

I loved the feel as I walked in. Cozy, warm, exposed brick, quite dinner crowd. I seated myself near the bar, so I could enjoy the whole scene.

I’m getting tired of writing, and I want to do this story justice, so I will pause here and continue a little later. I am anxious to hear from Cameron and to check on the condition of my tent. I may be able to dry out today, pack up tonight, and head south tomorrow. I hope! 🙂

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