Walkabout: Day 48, My chief aim

December 6, 2016 ~ Tuesday

7:45a Morning Pages ~ last day in Pisgah/Brevard (for now!)

I am beginning my trek south today, getting closer to my grandson and family. Cameron and Julia moved into their new place yesterday. They will be enjoying their last few days as a couple, alone in their own home for the first time, so I don’t want to intrude before Grayson does. lol

I am just trying to wander my way down and shorten the travel distance, so I don’t risk missing the big event. I am so excited and honored. (What is up with my spelling today??!)

I purchased a Christmas ornament for my grandson and family yesterday. It is a little black bear with a hiking stick that has bells on the top, tied on with a tiny red ribbon. It is meant to represent my walkabout – how Grayson was so important that I traveled 10,000 miles to meet him and make my home near him.

I got word from Melinda last night that she is up for a visit today, so I will travel five hours to Columbus for the night. I will also contact Susan Tombarello and see if she is up for a visit tomorrow night, assuming Grayson is still hanging in there. I am looking forward to the visits.

I have been on this leg of the trip for a week now. I would say “without companionship” but that is not exactly true, as I have met some very wonderful people along the way. Chris, the young homeless man. Sarah and her friends at the community theatre. Judy Morgan, Carolyn and Keturah (and Matt) at the Phoenix. They have made the last week really memorable. I hope to keep up with most of them, as I have so many others over the years.

I need to pick back up my Christmas card tradition. It sure was nice hearing from friends all over the country and spreading my own little joy as well. I could probably even pull it off this year. I just need a picture with Grayson to finish the collage. Then I can collect addresses using my contact list and Facebook. I can use the Spokane address as the return, so if we get reciprocals, Mom can enjoy them until I get back that way – if I get back that way.

I am truly and totally undecided. It may be in my best interest to come right back to North Carolina and start looking for a job. I could continue camping and boondocking until I find something suitable. I wish it didn’t have to be that way. I wish I could launch myself into full-time writing. I don’t know how to do that, but I will try to magnetize the idea and attract the right solution to me.

Sounds like there is quite a bit of rain in this region, much like Seattle. I wouldn’t mind that at all, but Mom might have some difficulty adjusting. Of course, she was not super excited about the snow in Spokane, but she has adjusted to that just fine. I dare say she has even enjoyed buying the boots and scarves she needs to deal well with the winter season in the Pacific Northwest. I know I have!! I love my boots and scarves!

There is someone out there who wants me, who would value what I bring to the table, who wants to hear what I have to say. I just need our paths to cross.

I have been using my formula for personal confidence again – I believe that I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite chief aim in life. I am no longer cloudy on my chief aim. I aim to be a writer. I want to write books. I just need to identify my message, my original idea.

I want to write my memoir, but I don’t want to stop there. I think I want to collect our family stories as well, so that Cameron and Grayson and beyond will know who our people are. So *I* will know who our people are. So much history will be lost forever if someone doesn’t capture and record it. I could be that person.

But that is a personal project. I could not support myself with that. Or could I? I don’t know. I just see myself sitting in front of Grandma Troendle, asking about her life, her parents, her grands, her stories. I see myself looking up newspaper archives in public libraries like a detective, piecing together stories.

Where do I go with this? How do I use it? I have no idea. I just feel inspired, and I feel that it is important. Where will the stories lead me? All over the world? How long and how far could I trace my roots? Will I bore before I begin, or will I build on each new discovery?

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