Walkabout: Day 56, Home?

December 14, 2016 ~ Wednesday

11a Morning Pages ~ Vero Beach @ Cameron’s apartment

Grayson Joel Morrison made his arrival into this world yesterday! He weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 18 in long. He is totally fabulous and was greeted by very many adoring fans.

Cameron and I took Julia to the hospital on Monday to be induced. Her appointment was at 4p. They had her balloon going by 6p and started the pitocin drip around 11:30p.

By 6:30a she was at 3 cm and they broke her water.

She started pushing around 5p in two sets, the first about thirty minutes, followed by thirty minutes of “rest”, finished by another thirty minutes of pushing. Cameron supported her head, her sister (Jessica) had one leg, and I had the other. Her mother (Stacey) was right there by her side.

It was such an amazing experience, watching Julia give birth to my grandson. She was remarkably strong willed and careful to do everything right. She loves Grayson so much. Cameron choked up with tears. Jessica and I cried too.

We were the A Team! We were cheering and supporting Julia so much they had to tell us to quiet down. lol

[2019: I had every intention of settling down after Grayson was born. I had selected the Pisgah National Forest area as my new home, which would be central to family and loved ones in Florida, Alabama and Virginia. As you will read in upcoming journal pages, I indeed completed my walkabout in Brevard, North Carolina and quickly went about figuring out how to best return to the “real world”.

Until the next hair-brained idea captured me. But I will save that story for another day. 😉

Three years later, the Universe has brought me back to Vero Beach, where I once again celebrated Grayson with our family last night. It is an honor and a joy to share the daily pace of life with people I love, and I will cherish this time as long as it lasts. I have every intention of establishing myself a home base here, and enjoying the fruits of my labors among my people.

But this I have learned: You never can tell what the Universe has in store for you.

And the question I asked myself three years ago still hangs in the air today.

Who are my people?]

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