Walkabout: Day 57, Blue Cypress Lake

December 15, 2016 ~ Thursday

3:45p Morning Pages ~ Blue Cypress Lake, Florida

I have not been writing much, focusing most of my energy and attention on Cameron, Julia and Grayson. Julia was released from the hospital today, so I had to leave the apartment. They were concerned about Justice being around the new baby. I don’t think they were afraid she would hurt him, it’s the hair and dirt I guess. They don’t know if Grayson will be sensitive to it. I understand.

I packed up and cleaned up this morning around 11a. I made camp near Yeehaw Junction at Middleton Fish Camp off Blue Cypress Lake. It seems to be a fairly popular spot. My tent is just off the water, but it is shielded by a line of mangroves.

I had to be careful not to pitch the tent near the fire ants. There are quite a few mounds around, especially near the tree line, which is, of course, exactly where I wanted to be too. lol

I drug out a lot of my stuff to do some re-organizing as I departed in a bit of a hurry, not expecting Julia to be released so early.

Edward had invited me to a lunch date today! I almost missed it, since now I had Justice in the car, and it was already 73*. But it was also overcast, and I found a parking spot in full shade. Lucky me! He had offered to spring for my Yankee Oysters at Waldo’s, and I sure didn’t want to miss out on that. Especially since I had not eaten all day.

I picked Cameron up from the hospital for work around 7a, and he looked pretty ragged. He said they had hardly slept all night long. Grayson was full on crying, and they didn’t know how to help calm him. They tried everything, even called the nurse for help a couple of times.

I went into rescue mode, offered to come hold the baby so Julia could try to get some rest. Grayson was asleep by the time I got there, and he was perfectly quiet for me.

I think Julia may have gotten an hour of sleep, between the nurse, patient advocate, and TLC program rep visiting. Poor girl. I would stay to help tonight and tomorrow too, as long as they might need me, but I have Justice, and they would have to relax the rules for her.

I am actually feeling a bit of a chill! The sun is lowing and not so hot anymore, and there is a nice breeze coming off the lake. I will probably want to move into the tent before too long, and perhaps finish my three pages there before I have a bite to eat.

I have leftover fries and coleslaw from my lunch, and I think I will mix the slaw with my leftover black beans from yesterday afternoon. I am back in conservation mode, trying to make up for my recent REI purchase and what I want to spend on a little Christmas too.

Having Justice is going to make navigating the next couple of weeks in Florida a challenge, but I am up for it.

I love the sound of the lapping water here. I put on my rain fly, just in case. The forecast calls for an overnight low of 67* with a 55% chance of rain. I really need a good night’s sleep, and I loaded much of my stuff into the tent, so I didn’t want to take any chances. I am kind of tired of drying out my things. lol

But honestly, I am happy to be camping again, on my own, not crowding the kids but being close enough to help. I am on my own time table again, for the first time since I arrived last Friday, almost a full week ago. I feel happy and content. I have cell service and a 3G network here, so life is good. No burn ban, so I can even build a fire in the evenings.

I don’t know if I really want the kids to ask me back or not. The fussy baby would get to me after a while, and Cameron and Julia are fried and could easily be triggered. I would hate to do something to upset them. I also hate leaving them alone in this condition, and I really wish I could do more to help relieve some of the pressure, or at least help them get some rest from time to time.

But hey, my job as Gigi is pretty cushy right now. It can hardly get any better.

We’ll see how the mosquitoes get, but so far so good on that front too. Nothing like my time in Charleston. The wildlife here is pretty incredible too. Lots of birds of many types, lizards and butterflies. So peaceful and beautiful. I will be sad to spend the rest of my time out elsewhere. Which reminds me, I need to call tomorrow and get my permit to camp at Fort Drum next week-ish.

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