Walkabout: Day 58, Orange sun in a low arc

December 16, 2016 ~ Friday

7:15a Morning Pages ~ Blue Cypress Lake, Florida

Well, I attempted to be the rescuer, but I was fortunate enough to have the kids decline. (Every time I call them “the kids” I think of Rob’s Mom. She always referred to us as the kids. It was endearing. :)) Julia has not had a moment alone in days, and she wanted some time to herself today. I totally got that! So while she takes time to herself, I get to do the same.

I am sitting next to the boat launch, a tiny inlet off the lake. The sun is rising orange before me, just off to my left. It shines orange in the water and gives an otherworldly feeling to its immediate surroundings. I hear fish splashing in the water, bird wings flying and bird voices calling. I love this place.

It was chilly after the sun set last night; very chilly. I put on a long sleeve athletic top and Edward’s TKE sweatshirt over the top of that. I wore my black silk pajama bottoms and my slippers too, along with my ear cover, once I tucked myself into the sleeping bag.

It felt good to be cooler, after all of the sweaty night I spent on the kids’ couch. It is still cool now, though I know that will change as the sun rises.

Speaking of sunrise, I noticed her low arc this morning. Based on the position of the setting sun last night, I had expected a certain position for the rise, about 180* opposite. But that was not the case. Of course! The days are shorter now, so the sun would not travel the full arcing distance of the sky anymore. It will be interesting to observe its path today.

Justice is in my lap in the camp chair, and I am having to contort myself into all kinds of positions in order to accommodate her and to write at the same time. But I don’t mind. I have had to make all kinds of adjustments to accommodate her on this trip. But it has been well worth it to have her with me. She is a wonderful travel companion.

The mosquitoes are out this morning. A few have landed on me, but for the most part they seem uninterested. I have not had any issue with the fire ants.

I had to make just a couple of small repairs to my tent, but she is also holding up like a champ. There is a thin layer of sandy residue on the inside of her walls that I will want to sweep down and out at some point, when the tent is more empty.

The temperature here will be in the upper 70s today, with a chance of spotty showers, so I have reloaded some of my more important items back into the car. I want to minimize any effort I need to make, should the rain come today or tomorrow.

I was told that Becky “repented” for the way she treated me, and that I have been invited to the funeral and celebration of life services tomorrow. I am relieved, but I also have a dilemma.

I am sorely angry with her still, though I am pleased to report that is passing. I don’t want to see her, and I don’t want to forgive her yet. But I need to. I will keep working on that and praying my way through it.

Just got the call from Cameron. Julia doesn’t feel like she can be alone with the baby today. Gigi to the rescue! lol 😀

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