Walkabout: Day 59, Another puzzle to solve

December 17, 2016 ~ Saturday

5:30a Morning Pages ~ Blue Cypress Lake, FL

I have been hearing strange noises in my tent for about the last hour and a half. It sounded like a small animal was walking in or pecking at my tent. I was fairly certain that nothing was actually inside walking around, as the noise seemed to be coming from the same place – one at my head and one near my feet. It also sounded like the noise was too far interior to be some bird pecking from the outside.

So my next thought was maybe a large bug, like a beetle or palmetto was coming up from underground and was trapped under my tent, and the noise was the result of it hitting the tarp bottom repeatedly, trying to break up and out of the ground.

I finally had enough and rose to investigate. I had to use the restroom anyway.

Turns out it is raining in my tent! Condensation has formed on the underside of the rain fly, and it has accumulated in the areas where the fly is sagging, which is in two particular spots over the wings of my tent. So instead of running down the fly and dripping to the ground, it is puddling in two places inside my tent.

How strange – and fascinating.

Now I have to figure out what to do about it. I have already unzipped one window and the door to vent the area. I will need to pull the rain fly taut, once the sun rises and I can see a little better. But I want to avoid a full-on shower when doing so, as I don’t want my whole tent getting wet inside, along with the belongings I have inside, especially my sleeping bags. I am actually planning on taking a shower today, so I want my only towel to stay dry and useable.

Ah the joys of another puzzle to solve.

It is much cooler, now that I have vented the tent. I’m surprised at how much chill has entered in so quickly. I am waiting for 6a to unlock my car, charge my phone, and brew my coffee. Quiet hours at camp are 10p – 6a.

We had what sounded like a boy scout troop move in after dark last evening, and they were noisy at first, but in their tents and quiet by 10p, so I will return the favor. I’ll put my boots on for walking this morning, as my slippers were saturated by the dew yesterday.

My alarm just went off! Cha-ching!

7a I have been self-indulgent. 🙂 I have been just sitting in my tent, clearing and cleansing my mind. I know time was ticking, but I was feeling so calm and at peace, I didn’t want to return to these pages. Even now I am tempted to forego my planned jog in favor of another hour of quiet solitude.

Thankfully, temptation’s siren song is being broken by the troops that are rousing. Pretty soon, this place will be hopping, and there is no quiet that can be wrought from that.

The coffee is good, and I am so happy with my tiny camp stove. I have the process down to a science – how much water I need, the fact that I don’t have to wait for the whistle to produce a solid cup of coffee or tea. That saves me on fuel, which I should be able to stretch a bit longer now, not only because of my use modifications but also more cooperative weather. Very little wind, warmer, and no rain to contend with.

There is a paved road leading to this fish camp, and that is where I figure I will put in my jog. Oh snap! I need to charge my phone to run my GPS. Break!

I decided to run my car to charge my phone and save my external battery. It took the entire drive from Vero yesterday to charge it.

I need to gear up for my run as soon as I am done with my coffee and morning pages. I figure I’ll just put on the same dirty gear as before, as it has been almost a week since my last jog, and I haven’t worn them since. I figure no need to dirty up another set when I can just sweat into the same.

My main hope right now is that the shower is available and hot when I return. If not, I’ll just call Cameron and ask to use his. But I would like to avoid that if at all possible. Besides, I have yet to use a campground shower on this journey, so I feel like it is a must, even if – and especially if – it is cold. It’s just part of the life I have chosen for this season.

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