Walkabout: Day 62, Secret to a fault

December 20, 2016 ~ Tuesday

7:15a ~ Morning Pages ~ Blue Cypress Lake, FL

I think I will have extra coffee this morning. 🙂 Either I will buy some (if they serve it) at the bait shop, or I will fire up my camp stove and brew some more myself. I have no reason to leave camp today. I need fuel, but I can head to Yeehaw Junction for that, as opposed to the thirty minute trip to the outskirts of Vero.

I may or may not pick up alcohol for the evening. I do want to build a fire today.

I need to run, but I feel undecided in that arena. It’s already 70* and muggy. If I run, I will need to shower, and I don’t feel like getting naked today.

I have been serving the kids since my arrival ten days ago. I have had very little time to myself, and I have missed making full use and enjoyment of my camp. I feel like I would rather spend the day reading, writing and ruminating than being responsible.

Still, a good run would cost me less than an hour and would pay greater dividends than that investment. I love my athletic body. I love what discipline has made it capable of. I love who I am when I am active. I love not having to worry over calories so damn much.

I think that settles it. I shall run. Next question – when? The later it gets, the hotter it gets. It would be in my best interest to go out sooner rather than later. If I am spending the day writing anyway, I can continue my morning pages post sweat.

Decided. I will finish my coffee and gear up, get my glory on, then return for my cool down.

9:30a I went out solo today. It was only 70*, foggy and overcast, so I left Justice in the car. I have a concern about running her next to the canal, where I know there are gators present, especially since she likes to stop behind me to sniff around periodically.

So I was able to really assess my pace today, flying solo. The first half mile was 10:30 and continued dropping. I ended at an average pace of 10:02. I am reasonably pleased at this, since my running has been so inconsistent.

I felt good and strong, despite the humidity. I practiced running from my energetic body, not just my physical one. I enjoyed the music shuffle, boosting me at times, and teaching me about myself.

It will remain overcast today with a 50% chance of afternoon showers. The “real feel” high is 75*. Should be a perfect day for lounging around a campfire. With the cool and lack of sun, I could bum it all day.

I hope the smoke keeps the mosquitoes off me. They have been getting worse – or just getting more friendly. My legs are covered in bright red dots. At least they don’t itch. But I would NOT wear a dress right now. Oh no, no.

I did brew a second batch of coffee, which I am sipping on. I will make myself a burrito when I am done writing. That should make for a good, hearty recovery meal. I put in four miles today. That earned me 461 calories and a silver star for effort.

I should construct a new Facebook post today. Whatever shall I say?

I received a private message from C**** a few days ago. It seems he is trying to forge a deeper connection between us. He has asked me to keep our conversations private and has told me he has a problem with trust. Of course, my mars in pisces really ate that up, and I am enjoying our private back and forth.

I want to ask him for his birth information, so I can read his chart, but that would likely mean I would spend the day researching about him as opposed to thinking through my own life and situation.

Still, it could be pleasant entertainment for the day. I’ll have to give it some thought before I act. Plus, I already sent him a message this morning, and I don’t want to send another without first a reply from him. There is no romantic attraction on my part, I just enjoy the secret nature of it all, and the fact that I can perhaps share pieces of my story with him.

A question was posed in Your Mythic Journey – Would it be possible to construct the story of your life from what other people know about you? My answer would be no. I am private to a fault.

But I am trying to learn to open up and share more of myself. This with C***** is a chance to do that. I assume it is a safe place to share, but that could be a false assumption. I guess only time will tell.

Nearing the end of my morning pages now. I have some decisions to make about the flow of the rest of my day.

Cheers to that. 🙂

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