First night at the Treehouse

December 30, 2016 ~ Friday

9a Morning Pages ~ Above the Fray Treehouse, Black Mountain, NC

12:30p The Southern Kitchen & Bar now. lol The date and location were all I got down before. We were at the Treehouse, but sitting in the car. Edward had served us some coffee and had gone down with our cups to check on its progress. I thought I would take the opportunity to write. But he showed back up with the hot, strong coffee, and my attention was stolen.

The Treehouse is absolutely cute with an amazing view. We were greeted by a wind advisory last night. It was far too windy and frigid to stay on the deck, so we set ourselves up in the cars. We unloaded the back of my car and spread out the sleeping bags and blankets to create our sleeping area. We put up the reflectix window shades and insulators as well, so Edward got to see what my boondocking was like.

He woke up stiff and sore and cold this morning. It was 27* and still very windy. I turned the car on and warmed us up nicely. We were able to sleep next to each other under the blankets he brought for us. One is fuzzy and soft and so cozy, so we put that one over us first. We had three plus bottles of wine with only turkey sandwiches for dinner, so I slept too late and woke up hungover.

I tried some wine to loosen the grip, but to no avail. I am only just now starting to feel somewhat better.

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