GO: Book One

Mid-August 2016 I went out alone into the wilderness, #nomakeup. For days I did not speak. I had no cell service nor Internet. In this quiet solitude I put all of the pieces of my life on the table. Nothing was sacred anymore. I picked up each and every piece of my life, examined it, and then asked myself, “Does it stay or does it go?” I let go of many things during this process, things that were precious to me. But in that solitude and clarity, I knew it was right and good. I also knew I needed a more serious personal pilgrimage, something that would take me to the edge of myself and then beyond. And so…

Mid-October 2016 I went on #walkabout. I started in Washington, where I left the family business, a winery in which I was poised and prepared for ownership. I packed up my car and my 9yo pup (her name is Justice) and hit the road. I had no set schedule, no set plan, other than to follow my feet and to spend my time connecting with primal nature. My goal was to unplug, disconnect, and clear the clutter in my mind, so I could discover who I really am and what I really want.

I spent 10 weeks and 10,641 miles on this #roadtrip. I liked being in tune with my spirit and being in tune with nature. I liked the person I was becoming in the process. It was the me I always wanted to be. I started believing I could learn how to be this me all of the time. I was determined to discover how. And so…

January 2017 I decided to make my vision quest a full-time gig. My original goal was to lay down 1,000 foot-miles in one year, logging those miles across all 50 states. I was still traveling simply with Justice, camping and eating out of my picnic basket. I challenged myself to move my body each and every day, to connect with the land in a tangible way, to experience America the Beautiful in all of her diversity and to develop a better sense of place.

I also challenged myself to come out of hiding, to cease isolating myself, to be the real me, genuine and present among my people, to find my voice and to speak my truth, to be free.

A remarkable thing happened. My inner Self emerged and began connecting to people in a deeper way. My authenticity seemed to give others permission to be more authentic too. We began sharing pieces of ourSelves in ways I had never imagined possible.

Women in particular began confiding in me that they too feel a deep inner urge for sacred solo travel and transformative adventure. But they also conveyed the feeling of being stuck, like they couldn’t actually go for it.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like what you are doing, but I could never do that.”

This happened so frequently that I became disturbed by it. Why do SO MANY women feel this deep inner urge? And WHY are they not answering the call?

I know why. I know because I was such a woman.

The GO Project: Thus was born the concept for my first book and ongoing research project. GO: Sacred Solo Travel for Women is written to inspire, inform and equip the woman who feels that deep inner urge to GO – to clear her mind, process her pain, and find herself again. The book is a collection of adventure stories from my Walkabout, the secrets of Nature and life I learned along the way, and a roadmap of tips that any woman can use to plan a solo travel adventure of her own. It is a celebration of true feminine power and an exploration of the wild within.

Go: Sacred Solo Travel for Women is currently available in digital format on Amazon. Print version coming soon.

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