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I told myself a different story

June 30, 2016 ~ Thursday 10:05p Shouldering such a heavy burden right now, and I was tempted to feel irritated and exhausted when I got home, but I told myself a different story, and guess what? It worked! I had the same amount of…

If I were alive, optimistic and happy

June 29, 2016 ~ Wednesday 7:28p I have been diving into more reading on the power of our thoughts, words and actions. I have been feeling bulldozed by everything happening lately, and I have been mentally fighting it. What would I do right now…

The children of your soul

May 17, 2016 ~ Tuesday 11:25p Just dropped Edward at the airport. He is only away one week this time, but it still feels hard to be away from him. At the same time, it allows me to reset and focus on our goals….